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Swiss army creative.

Entrepreneurial-minded business founder and agency copywriter with a uniquely hybrid skill set.

After an electrifying education in accounting and computer science, an award-winning spec episode of “Friends” led me to writing, agency advertising, and co-founding a romantic date-night internet company that is saving hundreds of thousands of relationships. Now onto the next adventure…

Creative, writer, designer, musician, gadget nerd. Allergic to pun, and cliche. Math brain, problem solver with UI/UX design, CRM experience. I built our completely proprietary computer system behind TFB (including the industry’s most complicated box options – over 1,000) from scratch.

I thrive on diving into intimidating challenges, without the need for fancy business acronyms and unnecessary layers of middle management.

In today’s startup world, where resources are scarce, and the precise tools you may need aren’t readily available, agility, dexterity, and innovation can be invaluable.

I’d compare my set of skills to a Swiss Army Knife, multifaceted and diverse. Known for functionality, versatility, and even survival, in adverse conditions. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll use what’s available to find it.