Like Blue Apron for the bedroom

The Fantasy Box is a subscription service that sends adventurous date night boxes to monogamous couples with themes ranging from romantic to risqué. In each box, customers receive items themed to each fantasy – from lingerie, to candles, from robes, to massagers. But most importantly, the boxes contain our signature ‘role cards’ that take the guesswork out of the night, offering tips/tricks on everything from how to setup the date to how to make that ‘sexy move’ that will floor your partner. It is an experience designed to bring couples together and teach them to communicate on a level that most do not.

From the design of the logo, to a holiday promotion called “The 12 days of Se-Xmas” that increased holiday revenue by over 500%, I ran the creative and marketing duties of TFB from day 1. From setting up marketing partnerships, forging relationships with industry influencers, using social marketing to reach thousands of customers, and referrals, we built a multi-million dollar successes story that makes thousands of relationships thrive with no investment, no marketing budget and almost solely organic growth. From packing boxes in a NYC apartment, to mailing thousands of boxes a month, The Fantasy Box is currently a multi-million dollar success located in San Francisco, CA.

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