Staten Island University Hospital

When you think of Staten Island, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The forgotten borough? The Staten Island Ferry?

Heart surgery? HUH?!

The Heart Institute was a full end-to-end campaign centered around revolutionary surgery techniques and the doctors that pioneered them. The Hospital, while in a typically less notable borough than its competing hospitals in Manhattan, made it an exceptionally fun thing to market.

Drive-to-web tv spots that highlighted the MICS CABG procedure eliminating open heart surgery, an amazing arrhythmia treatment that freezes the heart muscles rather than burning them, and incredible patient testimonials featuring fascinating results/recovery times. In addition, there were print campaign, digital, outdoor, and a full website and branding redesign of the hospital and surgery center.

The Goal. The Heart Institute (THI) had established strong brand awareness on Staten Island, but wanted to attract patients throughout the state and beyond. Our solution was to focus on the unique advancements and techniques being pioneered and practiced at THI. Via a fully integrated ad campaign, including television, youtube, social media, print, outdoor, and web, we collaborated with THI to position them as a clear leader in the field of cardiovascular surgery and then backed it up with a comprehensive, video-rich, website filled with emotional doctor and patient testimonials.



The following are a few print ads (magazine and outdoor) that showcased more of the specialized services of the hospital, geared towards a demographic of patients who may have cardiac concerns but have the desire to continue living a zestful life.