A Titanic moment for immigration

Remember this famous scene in Titanic? The “Unsinkable”, sympathetic Molly Brown (Dems) ordering the heartless, yet pragmatic rowboat captain (GOP) to turn the boat around and pick up the hundreds of frosty bobbing shipmates. Sound familiar?

So let’s strip out the political static. And look at it from a bigger scale.

First, most of these exaggerated narratives being made about this caravan being laced with drug dealers, MS13, and secret al-Qaeda ninjas, are just political scare tactics. Of course, there are a few bad seeds sprinkled in, but the rhetoric or dehumanization of so many of these poor people hoping for a better life may be a little elaborated. 7,000 people entering our country (if rationally dispersed) would be negligible to our way of life or economy. Most of these people are probably upstanding human beings looking for a better life - though carrying the flag of the country you are escaping ‘persecution’ from on the way to the country you are seeking asylum into is like getting invited to Jerry Jones’ owners box and wearing a Washington Redskins hat.

Secondly, is this group of 7,000 people going to flip our little boat? Of course not. Are there other issues, like the unsafe nature (not to mention the financial burden) of placing thousands of people in a parking lot outside of our borders. People with no money, no food, water, no lodging, which, of course, we are now responsible for. And as for the ones that go rogue and decide to cross on their own, having a few hundred/thousand people flood into a city like San Antonio or Tucson is far from comfortable or safe for residents. But, that’s still not the biggest point.

So let’s take all of that off the table and look at the real issue.

Currently there are 160+ million people that are within “walking distance of our southern border”. The overwhelming majority of them are not in the most favorable living conditions.

Had Molly’s lifeboat rowed back into the nightmare of people swimming for their lives, it would have been a noble attempt, but a futile one. I would love to hear the explanation of the democratic civil process (argued by Kamala Harris and Corey Booker of course) how an orderly line would form in the 12-degree water as each person humanely helped each other into the boat. But in reality, that boat would have been cannibalized faster than a fat guy in the Walking Dead with complete disregard for whether you were a woman, a child, or the puppy from the fabric softener commercials. Furthermore, any boat that had followed them in, with the best intentions, would have rowed away so fast you could have water-skied behind it.

So this setting a precedent. It’s a memo going to go out to the rest of the people in the water immediately that there is a lifeboat close. And if a group of 7,000 seems scary to you, wait until the word gets back - and the next caravan that forms is 17,000. Or 70,000.

I am all for controlled immigration, and sending lifeboats to those who need help, but it doesn’t make you cruel, insensitive, or racist, to have a lock on your door - especially regarding a border that could potentially become a massive walking entry point into our country from many failing economies, corrupt governments, and weakening nations. If sections of our border get overtaken, keep a close eye on the people playing the Molly Brown role with their booming political voices, 2000 miles away from the chaos with a lot to say and nothing to lose.

It’s about to get awfully quiet on that boat.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T34WSuBFrPw