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January 22, 2019

New Golf Music App Helps Develop Perfect Tempo & Rhythm By Timing Your Swing To Music

There is one fundamentally common element to every top professional’s golf swing. Rhythm.

Regardless of variables like grip, speed, stance, or weight transfer, every professional in the world moves at an almost identically even tempo, on every swing. That perfect muscle-memorized cadence is the central building block of every great golf swing.

PGA Class A member Doug Timmons has used metronomes to help students with timing and sequence for years. "While a very effective method, it's not the most exciting lesson to take, or teach", says Doug. "I wanted to find a way to make the technique fun and practical".

Timmons created Golf BPM so a player of any skill level can develop the same even tempo by simply timing their swing to a library of percussive, original beats. Featuring original music from hip hop, to electronic, to rock and pop, each song contains subtly timed verbal queues so users know exactly where to hit their swing marks. On the course, at home, for a few minutes in your office, at the gym, you can use the app practically anywhere - all the time, visualizing the 3 critical timing points in the swing, and building them into muscle memory.

The method is so seamless, you'll forget you are practicing. "A great DJ knows how to keep people moving by playing seamless music that flows from one track to the next. Our goal is to bring this same philosophy to your practice with beats that will keep your body moving in perfect time and rhythm, adding a fun new aerobic element to golf practice", says Jeremy Callahan, co-founder. And at $5.99 a month, and new tracks being added monthly, it could be the best golf deal online.

Golf BPM is a cross-platform App available in the iTunes and Google Play. It has a 7-day free trial on both the monthly and annual subscriptions.

Golf lessons, for most, are expensive, frustrating and seemingly ambiguous sessions of advice to do the impossible – to teach the brain, eyes, and hundreds of muscles to consistently coordinate a swinging device into a millisecond of perfect perpendicular contact with a small ball.

Precisely why shuttle launches were much more consistently successful than golf swings.

There is one fundamental skill that 99.9% of every accomplished golfer has – rhythm. Just ask Charles Barkley. And if you aren’t lucky enough to be born with it, there is only one way to get it – repetition. Unfortunately, monotonous repetition was only made to sell 2 things - shampoo and sex. BPM’s job was to bridge that gap – to make repetition, less monotonous.

How about a practice session you can do on your own (at home), while listening to some fun beats, get into a kinetic rhythm, and actually burn some calories? A practice session that will give you the true core fundamental of golf? BPM takes one of the longest and most effective learning methods – the metronome method – and teaches it to you – in a fun and creative technique.

The Goal was clear. A series of short, funny, clever, relatable, fast-moving, web spots that are appealing to millennials, all the way up to seasoned Phil/Tiger lovers. We started with a silly, ‘thug’ (millennials) theme to distance the app from the rules, stuffiness, and history of golf.

There are 2 more spots in production hitting on concepts that resonate with more established demographics – things like the importance of “timing” in life, hard work, and the familiarity and hilarity of repetition in midlife.

They were all shot with minimal production cost.


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