The Challenge: Russian energy giant, Gazprom, requested a video to be made showcase a regatta they sponsor. The regatta traverses the Nordstream gas pipeline they built in the Baltic Sea that passes natural gas to the European Union. We received over 20 hours of random footage with no regard for story, through-line, or theme (and let me tell you that about 18 hours and 35 minutes of that footage was of people walking to and from boats, sipping coffee, etc…). We needed to review all footage, and put together into a 60 minute documentary with action, interviews, testimonials, music, supers, and race results – essentially produce a short movie and direct entire project IN REVERSE, creating an exciting, memorable, compelling story without a story, directly deliverable to the CEO of Gazprom International (100 billion in revenues) to show to executives, investors, and at events. “Dear MacGyver, enclosed are 3 popsicle sticks, a rubber band and an old sponge. Please save my Father.”

Like that.

The Solution: Racing scenes were a very large part of the hour-long documentary but there was no way to narrate it. Just filling in silence with score was boring and monotonous. I anchored the piece with famous sailing quotes and used tweets (race followed on twitter) to artificially narrate the race.

The Result: A thumbs up from the CEO of Gazprom. Which, if you have ever worked for a Russian Executive, is a big deal. ;)

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