Beyond Meat


The challenge -

Meatless burgers are on the rise and BM’s IPO has been a rocket ride to the top. Finding a fun way to appeal to meat eaters and animal lovers and convince them there is a better option was the challenge.

The huge benefit of working with cows is that they have an organic comedic quality you don’t need to work for! Just look at the eyes.

The benefit -

There are many benefits of these new food options - environmental, cost, eliminating world hunger. But you are going nowhere without taste. Taste is THE most important aspect of this product to consumers.

The solution-

Creating a tagline of “as close to a cow as you can get” was the key. It can work across a campaign on so many levels. The above ad uses it literally. The below ad goes to show they can fool even the best critics. Endless ideas.

And I haven’t even started with pork and chicken.