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Creative Swiss Army Knife.

A multifaceted tool that offers you options in a dire situation. A replacement for a dozen others saving you space, time, money. A tool carried for functionality, versatility, and even survival in adverse situations.

You can’t replace chainsaw or a backhoe for a specific job, but in today’s dynamic business world, where money or the precise tools you need may not be readily available, agility and dexterity can be invaluable.

I created a multi-million dollar company from the ground up with no money and a shoestring marketing budget that is saving 100k+ relationships and counting.

I built a completely proprietary computer system behind that business (including the industry’s most complicated box choices with over 1,000 box options) from scratch.

I had successes as a television writer starting with 2 top 10 finishes in the two biggest Hollywood writing contests in 1 year that transitioned into a successful copywriting career.

Agency background with dozen+ creative/branding campaigns, and 100% success rate for pitches at my most recent advertising firm.

I did a piston replacement on a motorcycle at age 13 with nothing more than a owners manual, and built 2 houses from the studs with no experience, and have played guitar since I was 4.

I’ll design you a wedding dress if you give me a chance.

Here’s the downside. I hate spiders - I know that's not a manly thing to say, but I do. I hate them. I can handle blood, I take boxing lessons, I'm a guy's guy (used to remodel houses), but no spiders. I saw Charlotte's Web as a child and all I could think was, will someone get some bug spray and end this charade. Even if you were to put a cute over sized baseball hat on a spider, give him the voice of the puppy from the fabric softener commercials, and put him in some kind of narrative where he gets picked last in a kickball game and teased by all the other mean spiders, I would still mush his ass with a Kleenex (attached to a long stick (attached to an even longer stick)) without hesitation.

I have no other creative restrictions.