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Creative Swiss Army Knife.

A multifaceted tool that offers you options in a dire situation. A replacement for a dozen others saving you space, time, money. A tool carried for functionality, versatility, and even survival in adverse situations.

Ok, maybe not a ‘dire’ situation. if there is a massive hazmat quarantine of the office, I may be locked in the bathroom. But in today’s dynamic business world, where money or the precise tools you need may not be readily available, agility and dexterity can be invaluable.

We created a multi-million dollar company, from a studio apartment, with no money and a shoestring marketing budget, that is saving 100k+ relationships, and counting. When it came to building a strong retail brand with no funding, we found constructive, creative, infectious methods of marketing. When we needed to advertise, with no capital, we went from social media ads to “The View” (with a risque product).

My agency experience covers a wide variety of products, industries, and audiences ranging from an outdoor campaign in Manhattan for teenage sex awareness, to TV spots for a cardiac surgery center, to most recently, branding a new golf app that teaches you to swing with music.

Solving a big problem with creativity is so much more satisfying than throwing money at it.